Spotify Singles Chart playlists

I’ve been using Spotify premium for a few months and I’ve been loving it. There are tons of sites with Spotify playlists but none for listing the current UK or US charts. I decided to write a playlist generator which parsed RSS feeds of the singles chart and then created a Spotify playlist based on them. The script also queries Spotify’s Metadata API to make sure the track exists (queries based on song name on chart list so it’s not 100% yet). Currently I am using feeds for the US and UK charts, the official UK Top 40 Chart – see Billboard Hot 100, Billboard United Kingdom Songs Chart and Official UK Top 40 Singles Chart. I also plan to use spotify-api to create an actual playlist based on the tracks found.

I’ll be uploading the source soon once I have some encoding issues sorted. If you know of any RSS feeds with any song charts – let me know and I’ll generate a playlist for them.

Update –

Further Update -integration with spotify-api now working so full Spotify playlists are now generated