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Spotify Singles Chart playlists

I’ve been using Spotify premium for a few months and I’ve been loving it. There are tons of sites with Spotify playlists but none for listing the current UK or US charts. I decided to write a playlist generator which parsed RSS feeds of the singles chart and then created a Spotify playlist based on them. The script also queries Spotify’s Metadata API to make sure the track exists (queries based on song name on chart list so it’s not 100% yet). Currently I am using feeds for the US and UK charts, the official UK Top 40 Chart – see Billboard Hot 100, Billboard United Kingdom Songs Chart and Official UK Top 40 Singles Chart. I also plan to use spotify-api to create an actual playlist based on the tracks found.

I’ll be uploading the source soon once I have some encoding issues sorted. If you know of any RSS feeds with any song charts – let me know and I’ll generate a playlist for them.

Update –

Further Update -integration with spotify-api now working so full Spotify playlists are now generated

Spotify in Ireland

Thanks to a comment on Cormac Moylans blog I can now use Spotify again 🙂 . The comment is from Dec 31st so I’ve no idea ehy I didn’t find it before.

Spotify is also available in Ireland now, so you may now use 00000 as the postcode and set Ireland as the country

Don’t forget spotylist for some cool playlists. I’ve even got one up there [Cadbury TV ads] :). If you are having trouble signing up in Ireland – use and you should be fine.