Adidas marathon series 2008

Last year I competed in the Adidas Frank Duffy 10 mile race and came 487th overall. I’ve been training non-stop since then and last Saturday I did the same race again and came 143rd taking nearly 11 minutes off my time (1:04:44 this year). You can see from the photos below that it wasn’t an easy race to say the least 🙂

Frank Duffy 10 mile 2008

I ran with the guy on the left of the picture for about 3 miles before he lost me. I nearly caught him at the end though.

Frank Duffy 10 mile 2008

A sprint to the finish.

About a month ago I also did the Adidas 5 mile runner challenge and came 123rd (31:21).

Adidas 5 mile 2008

Next year I’ll be setting my sights on the top 100…… Bring on the marathon.

On another note, the proof watermark is there because want €25 for each photo…. OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!