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Dublin- Clare in just over 2 hours

The new motorway between Dublin and Galway is now complete and open all the way down now. Because of this I managed to get down from Dublin to my Dad’s place near Ballyvaughan in just over two hours. Only a few years ago the journey used to take over 4 hours. For once I saw the justification of my road tax.

Gleninagh Quay

Bloggy mcBlog Blog

Happy New Year fockers!!!!

Christmas 2009 Robin

In the wake of the interest surrounding and Matt‘s return to the blogging world, I’m going to try and get blogging a bit more (I know I’ve said it before). I’ve alot going on at the moment – work, GAA starting back, Kettle Bell and my Masters so surely I have something interesting to write about.

My main dev machine is now a linux machine (Ubuntu 9.10) and to say I’ve learned alot in setting it up as I want is an understatement. I know more about raid arrays now than I ever have and still I can’t keep them in sync. I also plan on doing a bit of work with Amazon EC2 which should be very interesting.

My mum is currently taking two art courses, one of them in NCAD, so for christmas myself and my bro bought her a Canon 500D which I reckon I will be “borrowing” quite a bit. It’s amazing the difference in photos between it and my Olympus compact. I’ve uploaded my Christmas, OZ and 30th photos already and I aim to keep the gallery up to date. I also plan on moving from photoshop elements to another application but I can’t find any that I like that also supports video and that I can hack to support my export script. Any recommendations?

A concious effort to blog more

As you’ve probably noticed I’ve not been blogging much. _LOADS_ has happened since I last updated-

Finally moved house since moving back from Wales now living with my buddy Dools in this lovely house, 5 bedrooms don’t you know ๐Ÿ™‚

College Gate House

I ventured down to Oxegen again this year and to say mayhem ensued is very much an understatement – those that have seen the videos know exactly what I mean.

Oxegen '09

My Dad is making great progress on his latest building project and I’ve been down there quite a lot helping out. The plan is to have my 30th there but I’m not too sure he’s too impressed with that suggestion.

Clare Visits 2009

I’m now a contractor and currently working in Intel as Tech Lead on a .Net project. Intel is a great place to work but working with .Net again (ASP.NET with web forms etc.) makes me understand how much I was loving Django development. Thankfully there is NDjango and Bistro which I will be pushing for any future projects in here. Two more observations from being back in .Net world – Visual Studio is hands down the best IDE I have worked with (Resharper installed of course). TFS is hands down the worst VCS I have ever worked with.

Edinburgh… The return

Quote of the weekend….

I’m the only geebag here without polyphonic ringtones!!! ~ Enda Kaneย  14th March 2009

Saturday through Monday was spent in the crazy city that is Edinburgh. An awesome time was had.

I’m also off the booze until the same trip next year (apart from Grand Slam weekend this coming weekend of course).
Edinburgh... The return

Will I move to Spicebird??

Eh… No.

We’ll be moving to Google Apps soon at Ticket-Text so I wanted to try out a few clients to see which would suit us best. I’ve used thunderbird but thought I’d try out spicebird too. Downloaded it and installed. I could not set up an email account at all. Wizard had a load of blank screens and never set up the account. I uninstalled the app and was going to leave feedback to them to tell them why I uninstalled but the feedback form was broken.

Spicebid uninstall survey

Potentially a great app but I’d need to be able to set up an account firt me thinks.. maybe waith till 1.0.

mates.marry(Enda, Tara) = mayhem.pure;

Most of you won’t get the title as it’s a more of a programming joke :). But suffice to say Enda and Tara are now married and it was one hell of a party.

Enda and Tara at the Alter

Well done guys…. super chuffed you finally got around to it. In an effort to keep me relatively sober (I think that’s why anyway) I was part of the wedding party and thankfully didn’t have to speak but took care of the logistics of wedding cards and wedding book and also had to hold the microphone during the wedding ceremony. The best man Alan’s speech was awesome as were all the others. I’m still suffering now and the festivities ended early Monday morning. Roll on the next wedding!!!

Wedding party

Homeward bound.. yet again

I’ve been back in Wales for 11 months but the time has come to venture back to Dublin again. Various reasons led to my decision to head back, the commute for one was getting too expensive and with GAA season starting again soon I’d be going back every weekend again.

The biggest reason however was the opportunity arose to join Ticket-Text. A couple of friends for my time at Ammado are part of the core team there. I start on Monday and can’t wait to get stuck into Python, Django and JQuery.

Before that though I’m off to Leeds for my buddy Enda’s stag weekend… oh dear!!!!

Using mencoder for my first youtube upload

I’ve been watching the BBC’s Gavin and Stacey series again and found just as hilarious as I did when I watched it first. I wanted to view the wedding speeches again but they weren’t on Youtube anywhere so I figured I’d upload my first youtube video with the speeches (probably violating all sorts of copyrights in the process).

I have used ffmpeg from the windows SUPER installer before but I used mencoder from the same install this time to cut the speeches from the episode. Just as ffmpeg is, mencoder is an awesome utility.

mencoder -ss 00:15:00 -endpos 00:03:20 -ovc copy -oac copy Episode6.avi -o ClippedEpisode6.avi

I love it when he whips out the toast – nearly wet myself when I saw that first. Enjoy – Gavin and Stacey – Wedding Speeches