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Happy New Year fockers!!!!

Christmas 2009 Robin

In the wake of the interest surrounding and Matt‘s return to the blogging world, I’m going to try and get blogging a bit more (I know I’ve said it before). I’ve alot going on at the moment – work, GAA starting back, Kettle Bell and my Masters so surely I have something interesting to write about.

My main dev machine is now a linux machine (Ubuntu 9.10) and to say I’ve learned alot in setting it up as I want is an understatement. I know more about raid arrays now than I ever have and still I can’t keep them in sync. I also plan on doing a bit of work with Amazon EC2 which should be very interesting.

My mum is currently taking two art courses, one of them in NCAD, so for christmas myself and my bro bought her a Canon 500D which I reckon I will be “borrowing” quite a bit. It’s amazing the difference in photos between it and my Olympus compact. I’ve uploaded my Christmas, OZ and 30th photos already and I aim to keep the gallery up to date. I also plan on moving from photoshop elements to another application but I can’t find any that I like that also supports video and that I can hack to support my export script. Any recommendations?